Weekend in Lipa

One of the best days in life is to bum around after a stressful week, so hubby and I drove to a secluded place in Lipa City, Batangas to visit a once familiar place.

First in our list was BluRoze Farm. It is a sprawling 28-hectare of greenery and wildlife reservoir super perfect for people who want a relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. Quiet, laid back and best of all you get to breathe clean fresh air – what more can you ask for?

Things to do:

  1. Get crazy and lazy with old school tree swings or hammocks.
  2. Pet all wildlife including seriously cute chickens, enormous boas, ostriches and a fierce dude eagle.
  3. Dine in their homey restaurant where they serve sumptuous food.
  4. Walk through canopies of trees.
  5. Rent and spend a night of privacy in their family villa, inclusive of a huge garden and pool.
Entrance Fees: 100 no food, 150-175 inclusive of food

Last stop was Mt. Carmel Church, which according to some locals it was the exact place in which Mary appeared to a priest. Amazing how the place is quite well-maintained through the years, which makes me think that it is one of best structured churches in Batangas. All thanks to Mayor V. 😀

Anyway, how about you? Have you visited any place in Batangas?


16 thoughts on “Weekend in Lipa

  1. Can we visit there with my friends? I’m searching beautiful spots in lipa and i found that place.. How much is the entrance fee.?

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