Shanghai Love

leather jacket YourStyle| black maxi H&M | scarf, cardi & shoes Taobao | bag gifted by hubby from Chengdu

Don’t be deceived! In spite of the bright, sunny day it was freaking cold when hubby took these photos. I was mildly suffering with spine chillin’ syndrome because I dared to wear flats on wintery months simply because my loving husband told me I’ll look like a desperate clown with my fur boots on. Aside from that you’d now be getting what on earth with all the weird layering love ei? Well, just bulking up with the cardis and thick leather I could find in my luggage, this is why I semi hate having a 20kg weight limit on flights because I could not bring all of my clothes.

Though for the whole 4-day escapade, I never really managed to stay mega warm but… I don’t care. At least I get to master an eyebrow-raising layering style and ultimately saw what the city offered especially at night. Seriously, it was worth the chill! Promise, more pics to come.

Metro Line 2 Laozimen Exit 2 surrounding buildings


Location: The Bund, Shanghai China | Top worn here and here | Dress worn here

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6 thoughts on “Shanghai Love

  1. I was able to go to Shanghai in 2004 and 2005, ganda nga (at malamig! was there in April and October. Mas nakakaloka siguro now!). I especially remember Nanjing Road, Cloud 9 bar at the Grand Hyatt and the YuYuan gardens!

    1. Ay sobra Iggy, temperature was dropping to 2 degrees. Though we came from a colder city (Dalian) prior to Shanghai, I never thought it would be seriously chilly there.

      I agree maganda and malinis, Nanjing Road is a must see for tourist talaga! D kami nakapunta sa Cloud 9 and Yuyuan, one thing i noticed lang with Shanghai ang expensive ng mga entrance fees nila (SFW and Jinmao Towers)

  2. you looks so gorgeous! you are so brave for wearing flats in freezing weather! you took one for the team and for that we salute you! haha. as for your husband, he better recognize that fur boots are fabulous! pff 🙂

    gorgeous pictures darlin!


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