Trend Report : My All Printed Wishlist

Since January, I’ve been itching myself to try the print over print style. We all know this has been trending and hitting likes on all runway shows this year. You might have noticed the parade of animal prints paired with Victorian watercolor floral, highly contrasted colors bombed each other and not mention the bright comic rave prints that were artfully transformed into eye-candy pop tailored pieces. Honestly, I did scratched my head at one time on disbelief with some odd-pairing, but once you got it all right then it is definitely a beauty.

To further immerse myself with a specific look, I rolled down some me time in online window drooling via retail sites like One Stop Plus, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins and Mod Cloth and I found interesting outfits which are totally to die for! So here are my top 7 pieces of this season’s print overload trend:

Top Shop : Owl Print Jacket (left), Butterfly Mirror Skirt (right)

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How to wear the “fugly” shoe trend

Fugly Shoes

Every girl owns a pair of ugly shoes. But not everyone can see beyond the square shape, flat soles and the  uneven lines to appreciate their real beauty.

This season, we’ve seen the revival of interest for Birkenstock and other clunky, fugly shoes. Flooding the 2014′s summer/spring runway, these formerly-frowned-upon-pairs have made heads turn when established designers used them as accessories for their couture collections.

Do you know how to transform these ducklings into swans? Click to learn how.

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Best Four Stylish Sunnies for Summer

Like any must-haves, sunglasses or sunnies as colloquially coined, is in every girl’s checklist. This coveted accessory hides our dark eyespots from late night partying, as well as serves as comfort against beastly hot summer days.

For the past seasons, we have mostly seen classic styles over and again — from the top gun aviators, sporty wayfarers or down plain butterfly frames and most often these tends to be tad boring for our fashion taste.

So if you are looking for a new look-at-me spec this summer, then read on.

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