We’re going to Shanghai!

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…and so excited!

I don’t want to tease you, but in the next hours we’ll be flying off to Shanghai for transit visit of 4 days (pre-Christmas escapade) before actually going home to The Philippines. Our first time to visit, so we just can’t wait on what this bright mega city has to offer.  🙂


Travelogue: Haerbin Diaries Day 1 – Part 1 Zhongyang Street, St Sophia Church and Square

Zhongyang Street Entrance Gate

6AM of December 31st when we arrived in Haerbin; went straight to the hotel and was granted with early check-in with no additional charges, sweet right? Since we can’t avail our inclusive breakfast yet, hubby and I just took the liberty to find a closest food stall. Thankfully our hotel was situated along Zhongyang (Central) Street in which western food chains like McDonalds, KFC were just few steps away.

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Travelogue: Haerbin City, Snow and Ice Capital of China

It was this time of the year last 2010 that we decided not to fly home for Christmas for two reasons; 1. A plane ticket to PH was annoyingly expensive and 2. Snow, snow, snow. For someone who spent 28 yrs in a very tropical country, one would die just too see a glimpse of this airy weightless substance falling out from the sky. So it was the 12th last December when the heavens pour out all the snow flakes, it was an unforgettable magical day for me.


However we (I think it was I), who never got satisfied. You see when you get to watch most American films meant for Christmas season release, snow is often excessive; people building snow man, surviving in a knee deep snow, extreme blizzards and all. But that kind of snow can’t be found in Dalian. So like every adventurous couple I know, hubby and I trained up to the northern part of China to seek a little town named Haerbin; known for its beauty and coldness. Long before I got here in Dalian I heard about this place from watching Discovery’s Travel and Living channel. From there I knew and wrote it is as a must see, so we did.

Early morning at Harbin, Heilongjiang Province China

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Snapshots: Russian Street

Russian Street

It may sound arrogant to some, but the afternoon walk at Russian Street last Sunday was a bit disappointing only to people who already visited a town named Harbin. Sorry, just being honest. Prior setting our foot in this famous street, we were repeatedly told that it is one of the most popular must see places in Dalian. Why you ask? Because of the its Russ0-European setting and structure.

Built over 100 years ago, the street is situated in the north of Zhongshan Square and stretches out 430 meters long. Here you can see and buy anything from simple souvenir trinkets, clothes, accessories, snow boots and hats, Russian dolls, paintings and etc. Also, we were able to snap some good pics along the way.

Now if you haven’t been to Harbin, then its best to start the travel here.