How to help Visayas victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Tindog Tacloban

While we, Filipinos are known to be enduring and resilient in hard times, it would be highly appreciated if you (my lovely dear readers) can extend your heartfelt generosity to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. The Philippines was struck by super typhoon Yolanda last 10/08/2013 leaving 133 death toll and rising, some are missing mainly across Tacloban, in the Visayas region.

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The hype about @PinayCurvies #SpookyokeNight

I remember it too well how Lorna and I traversed the infinity lines of MRT, ridiculously tried whatever it fits costumes at Camp Suki and relentlessly hopped from one venue to another completely having no solid plan on how, what or simply if we can pull a bloggiversary bash or not. Coming up with the moolah was pretty much challenging, quite frankly we were nervous – that was a month ago.

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Join Spooky-oke Night with Pinay Curvies 10.26.2013

Still haven’t figured out what to do this Halloween and you are not shy on socializing with fab curvy women? Why not come and join us for a fun-filled Spooky-oke Night on October 26th as we, Pinay Curvies celebrate one year of togetherness and more of body love. The link below will redirect you for the official event FAQs and you can check our event page for full details.

Now, who’s with us?

Spooky-oke Night! (via

We still can’t believe that  we’re turning one-year-old! Imagine, in a few weeks time, we can proudly participate to weekly merriment like #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday. Seriously though, it brings us happy tears just thinking that our…

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A Note of Gratitude

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One of the happiest moments in life is when someone with a beautiful soul get to notice simple persons with simple desires in life. This is how I felt and still I feel on reading an article featuring no other than Pinay Curvies in one of the trusted networks online here in the Philippines. Pinay Curvies is a plus-size community that I and Extra Seksi been working on for a year now. The published article is a humbling thought that indeed society’s acceptable “beauty” norm is not limited to size 0-2 anymore, that there will always be a room for full-figured women to feel good more than ever and stand proud with our body and weight.

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A Weekend with an Author


Like any working girls, my job constantly revolves on eight to nine hours in a daily basis that includes any day of a weekend too. Often when I get very very lucky, I get to spend a lengthy 12 hour shift, very common schedule to any technical peeps you’ve come to know. So when rest days come, I always promise myself to get really crazy with non-work stuffs! As much as possible doing normal stuffs! Few weekend ago was a perfect example.

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Finally.. A Blog Party just for Pinays!

Calling all Pinay Curvies out there! Are you ready for an exclusive link-up party?

Read on the link to know more.

Pinay Curvies Swag Link-Up Party (via

They say fashion has no rules, no boundaries… And to prove this right we have created the first ever blog link up dedicated only for plus-size Filipinas – The Pinay Curvies Swag. We’ve always believed here in Pinay Curvies that all us has our…

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