Taal Batangas

We’ve been always keen visiting historical places and a small town in Batangas is no exception. This was our All Soul’s Day – going back to what it  used to be like during Hispanic colonial times.

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Liliw, Laguna

Two Sundays ago, we were both itching where to go. At a hot lazy afternoon with no plans of staying home we wandered. Wandered so much that we found ourselves 52.1 kilometers away from our home, in a little town at a humble country-side of Laguna.

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Royal Estates


I mentioned before that my sister got engaged; apparently she and her fiance were eyeing a 2012 December marital bliss. As a former bride I couldn’t be more excited on helping her find a place for an important day of her life. So we hit the high winding road and cool winds of Tagaytay. I never realized how much Tagaytay changed; tall buildings sprout like mushrooms, crowded streets, restaurants everywhere but one thing was still so visible – traffic! Good thing the place was not disappointing at all. I think it was nice, my sister thought it was lovely and at least I   got to wore a first pre-summer piece.

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