It was almost five in the afternoon when I first set foot in this must-see place that my sister once told me.

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Snapshots: Russian Street

Russian Street

It may sound arrogant to some, but the afternoon walk at Russian Street last Sunday was a bit disappointing only to people who already visited a town named Harbin. Sorry, just being honest. Prior setting our foot in this famous street, we were repeatedly told that it is one of the most popular must see places in Dalian. Why you ask? Because of the its Russ0-European setting and structure.

Built over 100 years ago, the street is situated in the north of Zhongshan Square and stretches out 430 meters long. Here you can see and buy anything from simple souvenir trinkets, clothes, accessories, snow boots and hats, Russian dolls, paintings and etc. Also, we were able to snap some good pics along the way.

Now if you haven’t been to Harbin, then its best to start the travel here.