Crop Top

Cropped 1

As confident as I am in most of the pictures here in my blog, there is one thing that I am not so sure in wearing.. the crop top.

I’d normally shy away on bearing a naked tummy in public for reasons that this trend is meant for skinnier girls. Especially for an apple shaped lady like me, I would instantly think it is impossible just to look nice because everything is wide, heavy in my body, and the absence of a flat waist in a crop top makes people cringe most of the time.

But since I read Marie Denee’s  call of breaking fashion rules, it was kinda breather, a revelation to myself that I should not be conscious anymore on styles that other people might think odd. A style that says yes, curvy ladies should start dressing away the usual comfort zones, mixing and trying trends before saying no. A style that I can be proud of my curves!

After all, fashion is more than just looking acceptable or starting a trend. But mere of expressing who we are, our character through style. 🙂

Cropped 2

Cropped 3

 crop top SM Woman | skinny jeans & bangle Forever 21 | sandals Birkenstock | clutch Metro

So before I totally end this post, I like to leave you my fave snippet of a song by a true confident woman who is making a difference and breaking rules too in the music scene, Kat Lopez. Her song Walang Masama music video debuted last Wednesday which I literally drooled over the parade of gorgeous fierce plus size models who couldn’t resist dancing to the beat! Just think this way, if you ever feel down and things don’t seem to work out because of all the negativity and body issues in your way, download this song and play it out loud as this is the most awesome music to celebrate and be proud with our curves!

So my dear readers, support and check out Kat’s official music video here.

I’ve been a pretty prinsesita Since the day that i was born Got this body from my mama What else are you lookin for? Its a present Don’t deny it Its the one that i adore Juicy ladies Lets take it to the floor

We just wanna dance dance Oh we just wanna sing People raise your hands hands Don’t give up on the dream You’re worth it and you know it Stand up and let it show And sway your hips to the beat of the ra-radio

 Kat Lopez, Walang Masama (Taba)


let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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