How to wear the “fugly” shoe trend

Fugly Shoes

Every girl owns a pair of ugly shoes. But not everyone can see beyond the square shape, flat soles and the  uneven lines to appreciate their real beauty.

This season, we’ve seen the revival of interest for Birkenstock and other clunky, fugly shoes. Flooding the 2014′s summer/spring runway, these formerly-frowned-upon-pairs have made heads turn when established designers used them as accessories for their couture collections.

Do you know how to transform these ducklings into swans? Click to learn how.


1. The “Birks”

The birth of Birkenstock happened during the nineties. If you can recall, it was initially a two-strap black / white man-like sandals and through the years, these kicks evolved to more ragged innovative styles. They even had rainbow colored straps. Because it is slip-on footwear, it clamored to be everyone’s go-to comfort pair and you may find people wearing it everywhere from the beach shorelines, malls, down to strolls in the park. But there’s more to this cork-sole sandals than pairing it with the usual boring shorts. The trick is to aim for an effortless, not too crazy outfit and at the same time, bring out a stylish punch.

Chunky Shoes

2. The Spice Girls loved ‘em chunky

Big, bold and heavy sole is the “must” trademark. This might make you reminisce on what your favorite girl band used to wear. Remember Spice Girls?  Chunky platforms can be a bit overwhelming because of the staggering height it gives and the crazy style. But the trick to ace this pair is to choose plain, neutral colors. A tamed or basic hue is enough to still give you that tasteful wearable style.


3. The cringe in fringe

The thing about fringe is that it’s like mixing flavors of the Wild West, Gatsby, and Romanesque. It’s a weird look, which, when not styled properly, can look out of place. Too much of it can make you a sad retro gal or worse, like you’re wearing a mammoth’s feet.

But what’s cool with fringe too is that it is so easy to transition one look to another. For example, wear a knee-high suede fringe with maxi dress / distressed shorts for a timeless boho look, or a pair of gladiator fringe flats for a masculine panache.


4. The Granny shoes

A classic pair of loafers is normally a round-tip, casual leather moc style shoes with very low heels, which most of our grandmas wear. With its padded soft insoles, they’re too comfy for our lolas to resist. But before you ditch a pair, give it a second look and consider how classic loafers, with a pastel color, can amp up your outfit. It’s perfect for matching with boyfriend jeans or simple monochromatic white outfits.


5. Get a kick out of sporty soles

Built and designed for athletes, sporty shoes are the most comfortable. You can mostly find them in sport boutique racks or in fitness gyms, where buffs merely match them with their spandex gym wear. But this season, these kicks were upgraded to a whole unexpected, not to mention stunning, haute-couture ways (check out Chanel’s 2014 Spring and Fall collection). Think modern sporty-chic look using skirts, trench coats, even tweed suits and sequined gowns. The trick is just finding cohesiveness between the style of the outfit, shoe color, and you’re ready to go!

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