Thrift Shopper Diaries : Gigi Amore Lingerie

Yesterday as I enjoyed my shopping spree time at SM Southmall Las Pinas, I came across the intimate apparel area and found an entire section of Gigi Amore’s lingerie. I’m not new to this kind of apparel since from the start I have always liked lurking around for sensual undergarments. For a curvaceous woman like me one of my greatest dilemmas is finding the perfect size, fit and feel – a lingerie that can flatter a woman’s body shape and type. And so Gigi Amore didn’t disappoint me this time as I was able to pick one gorgeous undergarment set.

Gigi Amore's Lingerie
Complete Set of Gigi Amore's Lingerie

As for brassieres, their standard size ranges from 32 to 36, but for a fuller body frame they have the plus size option which can go up to size 42 with a cup size from A to C; leaving women with a lot of choices on finding the perfect fit. They offer different styles from very sexy satins and laces, cute floral prints and uber chic cotton pieces – all giving women a flirty taste inside.

closer view of the brassiere
metallic bronze full cup strap, underwire type brassiere with a lace design
closer view at the back
semi full lace with 3 double hooks

As for the underpants (panties) they have wide array of choices too – from skimpy bikini and hi-cut styles to boy-leg and sexy strings. Sizes range from small (S) to extra large (XL). Colors vary as loud neon pink up to intimate touches of black and nude colors.

view on the underpants
hi-cut stretchable satin cloth with less lace design in front

Now for the peso power rating, a complete set would roughly cost 500.00 php (one brassiere is estimated as high as 350.00php for a plus size, if its in a lower size definitely cheaper and 150.00php for the underpants) of course this depends on how elaborate the designs are. Bottom-line, its is still absolutely affordable for a gorgeous, sexy and luxury looking lingerie. By the way Gigi Amore is exclusively available in all SM outlets, so if you want to check some of their pieces check it on your nearest SM store.

Always remember the moral lesson on Ms. Tyra Banks’ show, “A nice lingerie will always make you feel good inside and out”.

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