OOTD: Prints & Fur

bubble jacket + animal print scarf + suede boots


little black dress

fury suede boots


who says you can’t wear dress during winter?

i dare to – rocking it with cute boots and fantastic scarf 🙂


puff-sleeves black mini dress : Candy

heat technology  black leggings : UniQlo

bubble jacket : Livex

animal print scarf : HSJ night market

gray suede boots : Taobao China

brass ethnic earrings : Forever 21




OOTD: Sixty-sec Look

early morning no make-up

Due to all-night hopping moments with friends, was  so dead tired on doing something yesterday until  I get to the point that I really needed to eat. Since I didn’t have the interest to cook, I just decided to buy something at the nearby KFC. So washed face, brushed  teeth, pony-tied my oh so grunge hair, wore these clothes without looking the mirror and grabbed my iPod – there, I was set to go. Didn’t notice until I came home that I actually liked what I had put up, guess this was one of the looks I didn’t care but actually turned out good.

So what is your best freshly rolled-out from bed look? Do you have the same experiences that you didn’t have the time to stop and think what to dress up?

coat + knit + thermals + boots
sunny winter look

dark gray wool coat : Taobao China

light gray knitted cardigan : H&M

black thermals : victory plaza

beige winter boots : Taobao China

am back, so as the boots :)

I know, I know.. should have posted something about me and my somewhat adventures for the past weeks. Been a month since my last post, apologies for not keeping you updated. Things just went crazy back then from fixing legal documents, going here-there, seeing myself settled on doing incredible stuffs like laundry and cooking, hahaha.. Told yah its crazy 🙂

Anyway, this post is driven from the fact on how I’ve missed to blog so much (I am not exaggerating). Also, add the fact on how I’m starting to like my new place. Yes, I already migrated miles away from my homeland (Philippines) last September, now I am living and working here in China to be with my dear husband – gush * gush* 🙂 Will tell more stories on my next posts, but for the mean time I want to share why I’m starting to love it here.

After days of waiting, finally I got my winter heeled-boots. The color and the cream fur – super adorable, you should have seen my eyes sparkled when I tried them – its like Cinderella with her glass slippers on. This was my first purchase on Taobao; China’s local version of eBay and it has becoming an addiction, why? Two words, its cheap! For this goodies, I only paid less than 16$ (650PHP) . Now tell me, would you still hate China? 🙂



Gray Suede Winter Boots


wearing without folding


wearing it by folding