Summer Kicks

punk boots
vintage boots
peep-toe clogs

Good-bye winter (so as my sheepskin boots) for summer is here to stay!

Over the months I have been digging their various cool, edgy design yet affordable shoes and seriously

they are so hard to resist.  They are so lovely!

So weeks ago, I purchased these lovely kicks from Taobao China as preparation for summer wardrobes.

Can’t wait to wear ’em. 🙂


Thrift Shopper Diaries : Leaveland Shoes

To be honest, this had been a long awaited post because I already purchased the item a month ago. I just cant get over the fact that I had a pretty good deal acquiring it – yes it was one of the shoes marked as sale that day.  Hold on for a sec! Before anything else I just want to remind you that I’m not talking about Prada, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo or Louboutin’s here. I am referring to a humble all authentic Filipino shoe brand – Leaveland.

So who and what is Leaveland anyway?  If you’ll ask me, they are one of the few shoe stores who are always on sale – yes! seems everyday is a bargain treat for shopaholics which could luckily hit 50-70% discounts per piece. Crazy right? But its a good calling for thrift shoppers like me. So to give you an idea on the shoes they sell, I want to share what I bought last October, below are some of the pictures.

Leaveland Ladies Shoe
peep-toed nude crocodile skinned color stilettos heel
Leaveland Stilettos
side view : the heel boasts at 2.5inch high, close ankle with soft lining
Leaveland Stilettos
front view : peep-toe style with big circular design which adds a vintage-ish feel

One thing that I hate though after hours of religiously walking, standing and climbing stairways in it, I got several blisters on my right toes which caused me not to wear any closed shoes  for next 2 days. Painful? Hell yes! But what the heck, its not that this is the first time ever happened to me. Actually having toe blister is becoming a trend on my part especially if a shoe is new.

So as for the peso power rating, original price was more than a thousand pesos. But since it was on the sale rack I only paid half – 540.00 php to be exact.  My final verdict? obviously cheap for a classy, stylish and sexy footwear.