Flick Raves : I Don’t Know How She Does It

Promised myself not to blog just for few days due to plans of taking an exam this week. But I couldn’t help it after watching the a clip of SJP’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) upcoming movie I Don’t Know How She Does It. The flick reminds me of her Sex & the City days as she narrates every sequence looking lovely and so smart. It seems tailored as the life of Carrie Bradshaw juggling between parenting and work, only that Mr. Big is not her husband and she looked less stylish.

But may be it’s not about the posh outfits we used to see her nor the train loads of Manolo’s in fancy walk-in closets it’s the side of her as a wife and mom of 2 young kids while maintaining a high-flying career which got me teary-eyes. Though I am not yet a mother I can so feel the message of this movie. An inspiration, true testimony on the dilemmas and sacrifices of how women manage their time only to fulfill the noble task of motherhood. Watch the trailer below and let me know your thoughts.

In-case above didn’t work, try this link. Movie will hit on September, can’t wait to watch perhaps download it. 🙂


substitute of a missing husband on v-day?

my v-day roses + our wedding picture


12 Dark red roses that is! As much as I want my dear Jeff to spend Valentines with me, he cannot. Nevertheless, he still had the time to send me some sweet goodies. Believe me, it made me smile up to my ears.

Trivia : Red roses signifies love and passion. True red is the rose for lovers. It signify passion, while cardinal red symbolizes desire. Fully bloomed red roses best convey the message “I still love you,” while red rose buds are a way to express love for the first time. Number 12 means be my steady and perfect love.

Also, sending my deepest thanks to our friend Kiko for delivering it in behalf of my hubby. Galing nyo talaga, no hint at all!


Ever since, I find myself not the sentimental type. I do love romance films and openly embrace tragic endings without even have to sob for the entire day. But things do change when you get married and your man is one of the few in-demand persons at work.

Weeks ago when I knew that hubby will be traveling for a project transition work, I was totally weeping the whole night. Yes this may sound exaggerated to some, but hey won’t you feel the same too if you were told 2 days before the flight? I was shocked and super mad, but as much as he wants to decline he unfortunately cannot. He loves his job. So good thing, trip was cancelled due to time management issues. 🙂 Days passed, and I still keep on thinking will hubby be ask to travel again or not? So I told hubby to confirm this to his boss so everyone (including me hehehe) won’t be furiously surprised. Apparently, neither his boss nor some colleagues know the status so hubby assumed he’s off the project. Come Friday, hubby was told to prepare because by Sunday afternoon (which is today) he’ll be going to do the transition work. Ha! Now it was hubby’s turn to get furiously surprised (believe me he was frequently nodding), this time I was in total calmness about it.

For 4 years of knowing Jeff, 2 years were spend on a long distance relationship basis. Seeing him over skype, sending long emails and enduring late night chats, which kinda gave me sense of independence on almost everything. But things changed when I decided to move here in China, my sense of independence is fading. Maybe it is because of the overwhelming security I felt when hubby is around while trying to survive in a foreign country together. I promised myself not to cry since Jeff is way more sentimental than me and I don’t want to see him sad too. But when I saw him walking towards the taxi waving good-bye, loneliness just fills our small cozy apartment and made me realize it will just be me for 3 weeks, worst it could be more than that.