Mesa Filipino Moderne, Greenbelt 5

If Greenbelt is your hang-out spot, pretty sure you know this place by sight. On a slightly sunny Monday we had the chance to dine at this must try place right in the heart of Makati, Philippines.

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Kitchen Talk: Fried Tilapia

Every household in my country, knows this dish. Quite popular to all people and often cooked in different ways. With coconut milk, plain water with tomatoes, grilled with lots of onions & garlic, of course our/my favorite; flipping it in oil. So imagine our excitement that Tilapia is widely eaten here, perfect because hubby is craving on it too. But before, we’d go to the happy part … Continue reading Kitchen Talk: Fried Tilapia

Only Pinoy

If you are one of the Filipinos living away from home land, you’d understand why check-in luggage might contain some of these. Carried mine around 26 kilos last October and believe it or not 1/4 of the weight was allotted to  food alone. Don’t get me wrong I like and learned to love Chinese foods, but for me nothing beats Filipino flavor. Seriously, if  tapa, alamang, longanisa , … Continue reading Only Pinoy