FIERCE+FLAUNT Plus Size Shopping Event on June 15, 2013

One of the most exciting events that could happen in the fashion world is when designers get together for some good lovin’. And this is the case of what will happen today! Two fabulous plus-size designers Chubbly and Erzullie (which I personally met btw) go hand in hand to offer like no other fun shopping event purely meant for curvy ladies like us. Yes that’s today ladies! And that means double excitement and double goodness on plus-size trends! So click on the link to know more about the details.
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Sad to Fab : No Make Up

There are days that I feel really really lazy accompanied the urge to be bare – in a way, no trace of make-up at all. It may be outrageous to some as every blush, eye shadows and lipsticks seemed to be a staple of every girls’ confidence.  But how would you turn the tides and just make things fabulous sans your favorite make-up? Here’s how.

Find pieces that can be your statement – a necklace, earrings, stacks of bracelets or wear them all. The rule is simple the bigger the better  as you need to divert attention from the face.


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