All’s Well Cafe, Dalian China

Located in the heart of Dalian business district, All’s Well Cafe is one of few restaurants that offer a touch of Western and Chinese cuisine in one. We’ve been in this place many times, below is just summation of what we observed throughout each visits.

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Tokyo Street

Tokyo Street Restaurant

Last Sunday after church, we went to Tokyo Street for lunch. I think this is the 4th Japanese inspired restaurant we’ve been in Dalian. Anyway, I’ve come up a different way on giving thoughts and reviews on places we eat so I hope you’ll like it. Here it goes.

What to Rave :

  • The place is totally clean, floors were polished and tables arranged neatly.
  • You have to love their lighting, awesome for pictures don’t need to set high ISO to get good shots. Look above those paper lanterns are cool right?
  • Comfy seats, sofa like, spacious and perfect to rest our lazy back.
  • It was past 1PM, lunch time but we were seated immediately.
  • Food presentation is okay. Like the fact that they used a wooden tray and put all food in one area, they practice ergonomics people.
  • Miso soup is fantastic, we loved it!
  • Pounding the sesame seeds for the sauce with traditional mortar and pestle is way cool.
  • Fast service, Fúwùyuáns are attentive and courteous. I think i caught them showing a shy smile.
  • Affordable.
  • Best of all Fúwùyuán (waiter/waitress) can speak English. Horay! No need to sweat and cry with our rusty Mandarin and it made our sundae served after the meal. I’m just the type of person who really go for dining sequence – appetizer, main course and dessert. So imagine how happy I was when someone in Dalian understands the sequence too and they got it right. Wohoo!

What to Frown :

  • No English menu except the desert section.
  • They don’t accept debit cards, only pure cash and its pay first before you eat policy.
  • Coke bottles are cute, but c’mon do you actually enjoy sipping in a tiny bottle?
  • Sorry, the sundae may have looked sumptuous but I think vanilla at McDonald’s taste better.

Verdict : ❤❤ – Still considering on coming back. Over-all the food is so-so, plainly average. There’s no drop jaw, eyes wide excitement while tasting/eating it. But I have to commend on how they put effort on serving the food. Service was fast, they have someone who can speak English and we only paid 85 RMB cheap compare it to any authentic fab looking Chinese restaurants in the city. Its not everyday you get to see a place like this plus the decors are nice too. It might have been loud inside (oh, its typical) but the place sure looks decent and clean.

mortar bowl  and  wooden pestle
Hubby’s Set : Tempura & other Stuffs + Rice + Miso soup + Sashimi + side dishes of tofu sea weeds and jell-o
My set : Boneless Fried chicken + Rice + Miso Soup + Garden Salad w/ vinegar + Sea weed side dish
mini cola bottles
choco & vanilla sundae

Where to Find: 6F New Mart Mall Dashang Group

Address : Yuhao Guangchang, Zhongzhan Lu

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

Abashi Curry

To celebrate my 28th year on earth, hubby and I headed for a little Indian treat. Wait Indian .. in China?? Yup! and I am talking about real curry of course! Honestly, this is my first time in an Indian restaurant. Never tried to eat/visit because literally I don’t know what to order and the smell, find it a bit weird. But two of our dear friends had been craving particularly on this restaurant mind you they are both Filipinos.  So maybe there’s no harm on trying.

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CWY Roasts The Entire Fish

Not quite certain if  the title is the actual name of the restaurant (because it sounded so literal), but if it really was then they seriously know how to roast a fish right up to the bones. We got introduce with this humble restaurant by our dear Chinese friend Max out of asking if we have tried the famous “baked fish” in Dalian. Being the curious food adventurous couple we are, told him I think we have tried such dish once when hubby and I went to Beijing last April. But our friend anxiously convinced us that this dish is different and no one else can bake anything like it in Dalian, unless if I will visit Sichuan province to taste the original ones. Carried away by his strong words, we just said to him  2 words – surprise us!

Roasted Catfish

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Pig Out Stories: China’s Crêpe

my self-made Chinese crepe

When one of our Chinese friend Max told us there’s a must try dish here in Dalian made out from super thin plate size pancakes, we never hesitated and gave it a try. So we three went to Xi’an Lu for a Friday night feast, it was full-house but we got lucky to snagged a table good enough for us.

The place is a typical all  Chinese cuisine restaurant, full of hungry and loud people. Normally crowd is a good indication and assurance of great food, we seriously hit jackpot that night as Max told us it is one of the famous restaurants that serve great traditional food. Should warn you though, they don’t have any English menu and English speaking service people so it pays to bring a Chinese friend along or somehow who knows and understands Mandarin. But for me & hubby, we didn’t bother to run through their càidān (menu) because we generally want to be surprised.


So, how would you eat this food? Take any kind of cooked meat place it on top of the thin pancake together with vegetables and sauce to add more flavor. Then roll it with your hands, fold each side and munch it directly to your mouth. It’s fun doing the process over and over again because you can mainly customize the content of each wrap you’d make.  And oh, the thin wrapper reminds me of a Filipino finger food lumpiang shanghai. Only difference is you’ll eat it as is without frying, which I find very unique and super delicious. Sure when dining in this place you won’t care having your shirt get stained as every bite tastes so worth it. 🙂

lamb meat with truck loads of spices, chili and coriander flavored pork
beef strips with spring onions
stir fry potatoes with white buna-shimeji mushrooms
well-decorated crepe
Max was super excited, it was his first time too

Pardon me of not getting the English name of the restaurant, I tend to forget stuffs when over fed. Above is a snapshot of the restaurant from the outside, just along the street. For exact informations maybe you can just goggle it around. 🙂