All’s Well Cafe, Dalian China

Located in the heart of Dalian business district, All’s Well Cafe is one of few restaurants that offer a touch of Western and Chinese cuisine in one. We’ve been in this place many times, below is just summation of what we observed throughout each visits.

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Abashi Curry

To celebrate my 28th year on earth, hubby and I headed for a little Indian treat. Wait Indian .. in China?? Yup! and I am talking about real curry of course! Honestly, this is my first time in an Indian restaurant. Never tried to eat/visit because literally I don’t know what to order and the smell, find it a bit weird. But two of our dear friends had been craving particularly on this restaurant mind you they are both Filipinos.  So maybe there’s no harm on trying.

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CWY Roasts The Entire Fish

Not quite certain if  the title is the actual name of the restaurant (because it sounded so literal), but if it really was then they seriously know how to roast a fish right up to the bones. We got introduce with this humble restaurant by our dear Chinese friend Max out of asking if we have tried the famous “baked fish” in Dalian. Being the curious food adventurous couple we are, told him I think we have tried such dish once when hubby and I went to Beijing last April. But our friend anxiously convinced us that this dish is different and no one else can bake anything like it in Dalian, unless if I will visit Sichuan province to taste the original ones. Carried away by his strong words, we just said to him  2 words – surprise us!

Roasted Catfish

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