Building A Love Nest 101

Site last 2012

I think it was last August 2012 when I wrote that we had bought our own house. Since then a lot of people from Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of hi-hello meet-up with friends have been asking about how we exactly did it.

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Twitter Par-tey: #UsapangCurvy on Wednesday Nights

Mitch and I would like to know more our followers and we’re hoping to meet new soul sisters. So we decided to hold a weekly Twitter par-tey and talk about what’s trending, what’s inspiring, what’s fun and what’s not. And we shall call it…#UsapangCurvy! Join the #UsapangCurvy! For our first topic, let’s discuss the scorching hot weather and how we deal with it. Let’s talk… Continue reading Twitter Par-tey: #UsapangCurvy on Wednesday Nights

Upgrade You

It is no secret that I’m a big big Beyoncé fan. Jeff knows it too well, he sees me doing the “single ladies cho-cho train” moves in our goofing times. But what amazes me more is the dynamic duo between Beyoncé and her equally-famed hubby Jay-Z. I like how they genuinely compliment and support each other towards staying as music industry’s iconic artists.

Video Credit: You Tube

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Hair Dilemmas

Ever since 2013 kicked in I have been itching to re-vamp my hair. Aside from the fact that the dark mahogany shade is fading horribly and my hair has grown very very dry, I have recently felt that my crowning glory has been pure boring. Don’t get me wrong I love my curls, in fact I never got it rebonded or straighten, its all pure natural and I like to keep it that way. This is what my hair looks now, the photos were from a recent trip we had in Albay.

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