Best Four Stylish Sunnies for Summer

Like any must-haves, sunglasses or sunnies as colloquially coined, is in every girl’s checklist. This coveted accessory hides our dark eyespots from late night partying, as well as serves as comfort against beastly hot summer days.

For the past seasons, we have mostly seen classic styles over and again — from the top gun aviators, sporty wayfarers or down plain butterfly frames and most often these tends to be tad boring for our fashion taste.

So if you are looking for a new look-at-me spec this summer, then read on.


The Parisian

Big bold rounded baroque frame makes up for that Parisian panache. This type of sunnies is exquisite, elegant, and timeless because of its iconic shape (yes Jacky O. style people!) with the lavish side accent swirled arms that can easily be transitioned from a flouncy froufrou skirt to boyfriend jeans because of its high-fashion feel. Choose a darker lens gradient for a more dramatic feel.


The Amazon

The cat-eye (or kitty frame as I like to call it) has sharp pointy top edges that replicate a fierce staring cat’s eye. This exaggerated silhouette is among the classic that made waves in the 60s. Yes our grandmother may have sported them! Cat-eyes are loud amazing eye statements so there is no surprise that you can wear anything with this frame from A-line vintage cut skirts up to casual laidback shorts. Choose an intensified angular frame to achieve a more defined chic librarian look.


The Swagger

Rectangular frames may be for you if you want to go for a bad-ass persona. You may wonder why this pair of sunnies has been spotted many times, mostly by young celebrities (ahem Justine Beiber!). One thing is for sure– it has attitude, truckloads of attitude! The sleek thin flat top matte black frame gives that “I am cool” look and it is even harder not to prove a point of being cool when you just put on a white shirt, maybe add a leather jacket or don that usual all-black ensemble. It is a style that is easy as rocking an aviator but guarantees a stand out individuality.


The Eccentric

My favorite! Singled out as different among the others, this geometrically challenged sided sunnies is for those who want to be fashionably unconventional and funky. Go pentagon, hexagon or even octagon in shape and this look will surely convey out of the norm style. With the right outfit pieces, you can transform that quirkiness to a fun retro glam.

In the truest styling equation it has been proven many times that sunglasses can definitely oomph a look. So as I always say, forget about fashion rules! The only way to know that a style fits is for you to try, try, try and own the look just like any supermodel! Being comfortable and feeling great is the only way to make a certified summer sunnies statement.


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