Floral + Pastel

Pastel 1

 floral chiffon top & shorts Bridget’s Closet | wedge Celine | round sunglasses What Women Wants

I’ve been missing in action for quite a long time and that made me ultimately puzzled what to say now. Honestly, I cannot think where to start. Feels like there’s too much to share but less time for you to read this post maybe? But just to sum it all up, for the past few months, life has never been this great if you would ask.

Our house is nearly finish after 2 years of waiting. Finally! We can soon rest on being the obsessive compulsive homeowner that builders dreaded for. Lol. Although, we will be moving further south than Alabang, we just can’t help but feel so ecstatic. So for the coming months I will be writing my posts in that new zip code.  We just hope internet won’t be our main problem. **crossing fingers**

Pastel 4

Also, since February I’ve been contributing articles to POC.net and seriously I still could not believe that 3 posts under my name actually got published there. Thank God! 🙂 Because I mean, I don’t consider myself a gifted writer, I just yap about anything but someone was so nice to consider and convinced me how it would be a fun opportunity to write about kikay stuff. It was just too good to let it pass and the fact that it allowed me to learn more of fashion that was the greatest deal for me. So if you have time, browse the URL above or check directly the Beauty and Fashion section linked here.

By the way, photos were taken weeks ago, should have been my entry to #PinayCurviesSwag ‘s March #bloglinkup #pastel challenge but got too late in publishing. This is my attempt to wear something that would jive with summer and an all pastel outfit would be a fun touch to it.

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