The 30-day #ShopWhatYouGot Challenge

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If you follow me in Instagram (@feastfulife), you probably know by now I joined iCurvy‘s #ShopWhatYouGot challenge. The rule is simple, pick 30 items in your closet and wear them for 30 days. Not sure what I got into, ’till now. Above is my list.

3rd day into challenge I can feel a little panic attack on my what to wear choices. Focusing only in 30 pieces is tough work especially when you are on the go daily. When I sorted out my closet, I initially ended keeping 55 items then forced myself to trim to make the 30-item mark. It wasn’t easy, I almost gave up.  And the funny thing is, while everyone else keeps an admirable systematic list of their “must haves” items for 30 days, I on the other hand grabbed only the clothes that I felt like wearing not thinking if it can be worn in the office or can easily shifted to weekend styles. Honestly, I didn’t have a specific look to follow, I just went totally cray-cray inside while sorting out. So I do hope that my spur of the moment sorting method can extract creative juices on my wardrobe style. At the same time I’m crossing my fingers that I will survive this challenge and not to end up stress shopping in the weeks to come because really, I badly need the shopping hiatus.

Anyway, here are my looks for the past three days :


laidback Sunday sans makeup

green maxi dress Forever 21 | animal print scarf Russian Street | flat sandals Celine


date night with hubby

maxi skirt & knit top Forever 21 | gladiator sandals Charles & Keith


Lazy afternoon at my parent’s house

colored pants Forever 21+ | watercolor print sleeveless Weekender | green flats Parisian 

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