How to do that ultimate #Selfie challenge


  • How did you make your #selfie special?

This selfie is special because it is the first time I did a full beauty / makeup post here in my blog. I am not much of  a makeup junkie so I was a bit challenged on how to pull this one.

  • What’s your inspiration for your #selfie?

I’ve always adored African women’s style of hair-dressing. They just look so fashionably unique. And days before #SpookyokeNight I’ve been contemplating if I should let my Cleopatra look don the coveted head wrap. Unfortunately, I ended up not doing it because a.) I had no time to wrap my fuzzy hair and b.) it was a chilly night  that I needed to wrap my body rather than my head.

On my makeup inspiration? I only used what I have, trying to create a frosted and light tone that can be worn during daytime. However, the cat-eye is something that I failed to do during #SpookyokeNight so I just did it here.  You see from below I don’t own much products and honestly I only started buying and doing my own makeup 3 years ago. I am so used to visiting salons to get my hair and makeup done since it is more convenient. My turning point was when hubby and I moved to China, and I couldn’t find any English speaking saloon person.


foundation Revlon | powder, eye gel liner, lipstick and blush-on Maybelline | concealer & eyebrow pencil Nichido

Isn’t it amazing what make-up can do? From a totally weird looking face then to a “puma-pouty lips” safari chic kuno.


  • In general, what do you think of #selfies? Do you like it or not?

I think it is a new trendy way of expressing and voicing out whatever goes on inside our head. For me, #selfie is a healthy way of life as long as it won’t be used to promote destruction of one’s dignity, respect and self-image.

  • What, if any, is your favorite selfie by a celebrity on the Internet?

All #selfies by Beyonce, why? She just can’t do wrong for me.


This is officially my entry to Pinay Curvies October #PinayCurviesSwag, don’t forget to check out other gals doing this challenge too. See it in this link.

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8 thoughts on “How to do that ultimate #Selfie challenge

    1. First let me say thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. It really means something to me. I’m touched that you appreciate my look, comments coming from a beauty goddess like you means something to me. So glad u love the look!

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