The hype about @PinayCurvies #SpookyokeNight

I remember it too well how Lorna and I traversed the infinity lines of MRT, ridiculously tried whatever it fits costumes at Camp Suki and relentlessly hopped from one venue to another completely having no solid plan on how, what or simply if we can pull a bloggiversary bash or not. Coming up with the moolah was pretty much challenging, quite frankly we were nervous – that was a month ago.

But last Saturday happened… Pinay Curvies celebrated as it turned one! And still, we can’t believe how many kindred spirits supported and came to party with us. Not only that, they showed up well prepared in their costumes! So prepared, that made my Cleopatra look so uninspired. Here are some snapshots,

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Personally I am still in-shock about #spookyokenight, all the crazy dance moves, ultimate singing showdown and rapping (yes we had a female rapper that put pinky lips Niki to the grave!), the unpoised shouts and syempre “kinabog si Naomi Campbell” poses. Seriously, I cannot count anymore how many times I laughed hard nor strut those omg-is-that-me pictures! Last Saturday was just too overwhelming that writing about it now makes me more excited for next year!! Maybe if Barney Stinson was a guest, he would say – ” Wait for it… Leeegendaary!!

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On a more serious note, it is amazing how time quickly passes by, as if it was just yesterday when Lorna and I started exchanging sweet thoughtful comments and encouraging one another through our personal blogs. Now, there’s this fun-loving community Pinay Curvies, who keeps on re-affirming to us that the standards of real beauty is not based on body sizes and definitely not based on a glossy yet often photoshopped sheet. True beauty is based by our inner personality, on not being afraid to show confidence and bravery of accepting who we really are and being damn proud of it, just like Lorna preached in this post. Indeed we’ve come a long way after 4 events in a year, we made friends more than we’ve ever expected, landed on several interviews / features and all won’t be possible with your time, effort and support, so thank you very very much!

Moving forward 2014, we hope to reach and inspire more curvy Pinays out there! And if you happen to be one of them reading this post now, head to our site feel free to mail us up and get connected – don’t cha worry we won’t bite, we just glam up and get funky crazy!

3 thoughts on “The hype about @PinayCurvies #SpookyokeNight

  1. Congratulations once again! Just want to let you and Lorna know how much I appreciate the effort you put in these events and for starting a community where we can find kindred spirits we can relate to. Supporting you girls all the way!

    1. Thank you Abi for coming! Appreciate a wonderful time spent with you and your sister, just overwhelm with the support. See you in the next events! 🙂

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