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I don’t usually get a rest day on Saturdays when October came in, but due to a sudden change in my work schedule last week I automatically snagged this precious day of no-work. So to redeem myself from a long hiatus of ootds, I decided to get all dolled-up for an event. The event was Erzullie’s first look for Holiday 2013 and as a fashionista that supports and respects any designers, I came wearing one of the earliest pieces which I personally bought from their 2012 collection. Paired with a black-white top from Landmark that I ended up buying (because it was seriously cheap!) when I window-shopped with Lorns last month. And interestingly, I looked  so “in-theme” after realizing that I wore a diamond patterned top.

So back to the holiday collection, designer Berna confessed to us that she has drawn inspiration for the pieces from the strength of a plus-size woman on being totally complete in life. The collection is a mix of more colors, stripes and splashes of floral and lace on it. Personally, I think they solidify this collection for having that first white peplum dress on the rack. They also injected some loose tops that quite turn heads when converted to many many ways on how to dress it. And below is just several ways how to wear it,

(Left)  as is for that easy breezy vibe perfect for fitted jeans.

(Center)  as a cardigan which is amazing as it gives that waterfall effect down from the collar

(Right)  fitted top wrapped side way in the waist for a bit of office look.

All in all, it was a rest day well-spent with everyone happy as ever, I on the other hand needed that catch-up and refreshing chat with the gals. Check out more photos with all the gorg ladies last night from the slide and this link:

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