Oomph-lify That Black on Black Outfit


faux leather jacket & cropped denim jeans F21 | black cami Mexx | clutch Suiteblanco | sandals Celine

If you will ask what piece I love wearing the most in my closet (aside from the birthday skirt of course), would instantly give my trusted leather jackets that elusive nod of approval. Even the sunniest day can’t stop me from pulling it out, you know the girl have to live by “I sweat for fashion” guiding words. But, as much as I adore my leather, must admit I am not one of those who easily let loose and is eclectic with the color. I have always liked them in raven black as seen in this and this because of the one significant truth that black brings a much wider spectrum of “bagay-ness” on mix-matching.

But… (seriously there’s that, but again?) How many of you did feel that even if a black on black outfit looks so promisingly nice in your sight it still slaps you in the face berating that you just donned a very much gas-gas color and one totally booooring outfit? I almost hanged that jacket back last weekend, until I came up with something that might just redeem my look.

So to “oomph-lify” my usual black on black outfit, I just used catchy pieces, and what better way show it is in the most trusted color all – the white! It wouldn’t be a favorite combi color for thing.

While white boots would normally work, I personally prefer something that would not clamor much attention so I settled with my minimalist heels again. Added a bow belt just to have something quirky that breaks the black top and bottom duo, and telling the world that despite I’m size 14 I still do have a waist, it’s there for everyone to see. And, the clutch? I had it in a launching event – it would be a waste not to use it. Sayang ang pagka-fierce ng design. Over-all, the contrasting color of white really adds that much needed polished look and nothing beats the color if you want to get that edgy yet sophisticated, tamed look.

How  will you style a black on black look? What color(s) will you use to “oomph-lify” it?

P.S. This is my official entry to Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge for September Denim Jeans, entries are still accepted until October 2nd meaning you still have the time to catch-up! Also I’d appreciate if you can take time to check out more fab plus-size Pinays in their official links here.Thanks!

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