GUEST POST: ABC’s of Marriage (For Wives) by Viviene Birgonia

5Hi there!

Viviene here visiting over from The Journey of a Woman (marriage blog) and The Blog for Brides (wedding blog). As you see, marriage and weddings are two of my favorite things! Because of that, I recently published my first book called “7 Things Every Wife Should Know”. (Pls permit me for a little plugging. lol..) It’s such an honor to be here with you at Feastful Life!

Like my good friend, Mitch, I’m also a newly wed (been married for 3 years now, that is if you still consider it newly wed). In those 3 years, I’ve come to realize that being a wife is more than being a domestic partner. I believe the ABC’s of Marriage will help and guide you in being the best helpmate possible to your husband.

AAdmire and Adore him

Men are by nature egoistic. They want to be praised. They want to hear you say positive things about them not just privately but publicly. Verbally saying that you admire and adore your husband will encourage and mostly empower him to be the best husband he could ever be. Tell him how much you love his sense of humor. Be verbal about how you think your husband is such a hunk. I specially like staring at my husband and telling him how handsome he is. His looks is not anywhere near Brad Pitt, I know. But to me, he’s the most gorgeous guy in the whole wide world! Find the most crushable characteristic of your husband and let him know that!

How can you admire and adore your husband today?

B Be his Best friend

Guys love companionship. They need a recreational partner. Since most men are active, they would usually have sports or a hobby. Share this with them. If he likes to jog in the morning, try waking up a bit earlier to be with him on weekends. If he loves watching concerts, be there with him singing with his favorite band.

What is your hubby’s favorite sport or past time? When will you join him in?

CBe his Cheerleader

Behind every man’s success is a woman. I’m sure you’ve heard that. Guess what? It’s true! Be your husband’s number one cheerleader! I’m sure your husband is experiencing a lot of stress at work. Maybe he’s struggling in his business. Cheer him up. Be an encourager and not a nagger. Tell him he could do it and that you are behind him to pray and support him.

How can you support your husband in his endeavor now at work or in his business? What words of encouragement can you tell him later?

Notice that at the end of each point, there is a question for you to answer. Don’t just read this article, do your marriage a favor and do it today! It is my hope that the ABC’s of Marriage will help your marriage today and the next years to come!


4Are you ready to take on the role of a godly wife?

Written by a newlywed herself, Viviene explores the fundamental virtues every newlywed wife should know in order to TRIUMPH in her marriage. She shares her own stories of bliss and adjustment living in one roof with her lifetime partner.

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