White, Stripes and Everything Nice


denim top & leggings F21+ | sling bag Charles & Keith | minimalist sandals CLN Celine | bracelet Blessed Union Shop

They say a plusie shouldn’t wear something bold, much more if its stripes. As the rule implies, even the slimmest would look as big as a hipo when these big bold stripes is worn.

But I say – keber! Like my dear friend Lorna would always say when making an outstanding point and this time, I am making one for myself. I admit the leggings didn’t come as a first choice when I bought it. It only made through my purchases because the sales lady told me I was short on hundred bucks to avail a full 10% disccount and the leggings was just a great compensation for it.  But actually, having it worn days ago made me realize something; that life is too short to dwell on boring clothes. So why not take risks, hence I did.

Yes, it made few stares but I dont give a slightest damn after all fashion is about expressing who we really are. Agree?

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