A Weekend with an Author


Like any working girls, my job constantly revolves on eight to nine hours in a daily basis that includes any day of a weekend too. Often when I get very very lucky, I get to spend a lengthy 12 hour shift, very common schedule to any technical peeps you’ve come to know. So when rest days come, I always promise myself to get really crazy with non-work stuffs! As much as possible doing normal stuffs! Few weekend ago was a perfect example.

It all started with a visit to a trusted tire center just outside of our subdivision for a regular air check-up, because our lovely baby Red is showing some flat tire symptoms. And unfortunately the symptom turned into a bigger serious damage and according to the manong tire experts, it was something couldn’t be fixed with just a tire patch. So imagine the terrible, ultra horror in my face when they suggested to buy new tires. Okay fine, you might say “hey it’s all for the safety”. Yes, but buying completely new set of 4 tires plus the tire rims; really felt just financially draining. But to my dear husband, he finds it exciting and amusing. Boys are boys, indeed.

After being stressed on the horrid bill, I decided to visit an old nail hub in a nearest mall to get pampered after a month of polishing hiatus. This is the part that every husband doesn’t understand why we wives get so vain with our nails! So I spent nearly 3 hours there and did a bit of catching up on some amazing magazine reads, talked to a gorgeous manang customer about Tous Les Jours and met-up a friend of mine since high school which just launched a fantastic book! Yes that’s Viviene Birgonia author and fellow blogger, standing side-by-side for a photo-op, I was totally blown-away when I learned via FB that she published her first ever writing masterpiece “7 Things Every Wife Should Know” finally fulfilling her dreams, and in a heartbeat she did manage to secure a copy for me. Girls, the book is a nice one, honestly. It is  totally meant for newlyweds and soon to be wives. It is a perfect guide for couples who like tested approaches for healthy harmonious relationships. It is where every women like you and me can get direct and straight views on vital ingredients for a long lasting marriage. Definitely a must read and I encourage every girl out there to get a copy too!

And I couldn’t get any happier to announce that my dear friend will be pitching in for September’s guest blogger issue. She will be sharing valuable insights exclusively for us, women. So stay tune for that!



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