Pinoy Style Icon

Hear ye readers! You know it’s the time of the month for some Pinay Curvies Swag and the challenge we were asked to share is our very own style icon. You can instantly guess who she is…

Okay, okay… Before anyone would pin me down on my head using a baseball bat, allow me to say this very, very clear that in this post will not discuss whatever political issues and controversies that the Marcoses were previously and are currently involved with. But this would be simply a post of fashion admiration to a once very influential woman, Former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos for her ecstatic taste and style. So spare me the hate or trash talk.

Imelda, being a certified beauty queen definitely reflects her taste in fashion; it’s sleek, sharp, elegant and dress to impress all the way. Not to mention that traditional well-kept up-do bun that until now she sports! Also who else can wear that colorful bold tribal prints from head to toe as stunning as she is? The animal print coat, checkered skirt, one of the biggest trends today and she was then strutting those way back the 70’s? The woman definitely know how to dress up, and I could only think she’s the Asian version of the equally gorgeous Jackie O for being so chic. Her set of “ternos” in hundreds of pieces and shocking 2,700 pairs of shoes can surely attest on how style conscious she is.

Now to con at least 1/4 of her style with a less classy feel, I finally took out my coral tweed coat which was hanging in my closet for a month now, partnered with simple black jeans, top and suede boots for a spontaneous spin in the city. This is me on no frills day, just doing errands, banking and as well as recuperating from an all-nighter on a family’s wake and funeral plus the almost dengue-scare that led me visiting Asian hospital last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I still have the dreaded flu today.

Anyway, please visit this link to check out other ladies who joined the challenge. Till the next challenge!


coral tweed coat Celine | black sleeveless top SM | black cropped skinny jeans F21+ | suede ankle boots Taobao | sunnies Pacific Blue



7 thoughts on “Pinoy Style Icon

  1. Mitch I think you look great, it’s very classy and chic! I have to admit despite all the other stuff Imelda Marcos does have some great style plus she is known for one of the greatest accessories, shoes! But I think you did a great job recreating the look, I can totally see your influence! 🙂


  2. I love your jacket, and the red/black combo is one of my fave color combo for sure 😉
    By the way I also adore Imelda’s style, in fact I’ve made a post about her fashion which kinda caused quite a stir. I also only want to feature her fashion sense which is impeccable but I have no intention to promote her or her political background though.. You can check my post here if you want:
    Imelda Marcos Style & Shoes

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