GUEST POST: Belated Bloomer’s Top 5 Travel Essentials

Our contributor of the month is a plus size blogger herself, we’re seat mates during the Swap Meet and Greet event hosted by the Pinay Curvies last January. Abi as everyone calls her, is the face behind the ever fashionable and witty blog called The Belated Bloomer. She’s undeniably fun to be with, smart, an active participant of Pinay Curvies Swag and of course, aside from her outstanding fashion senses, she’s a certified jet-setter too! Reasons why I’m truly honored that she said agreed on pitching in her personal tips on traveling.

So without further ado, here’s Abi’s travel must haves for every free-spirited plusies out there.


My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Given that you already know that you should bring your passport, your hotel reservation form and currency of that place you’re going to (Bringing US Dollars to exchange is usually a safe way to go.), here are my top five travel essentials.

1. Jacket

No matter the current season of my destination, I bring a jacket to make sure that I’m comfortable. Even hot countries like the Philippines do have seasonal rainfalls and places where the air conditioners will mercilessly freeze your butt off. Snoozing during a plane ride will be much easier if you have a jacket you can cover yourself with.

Here are some nice jackets you can wrap yourself in, and look cute while doing it!


2. Sunblock

My dermatologist always reminds me that even when I don’t feel the heat of the sun, it doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t getting through.

Okay, okay. I admit it. I’m not one to abide by this rule. In fact, if I could skip altogether, I would. But as I am in the latter half of my twenties, I am quickly realizing how vigilant I must be in keep my skin healthy. No one wants a cancer scare at this age. So, hot or cold, protect your skin by applying sunblock before heading out for the day.


3. Moisturizer

While sunblock lotions do have some sort of moisture to them, I always remember to bring moisturizers with me whenever I travel. I tend to have a combination of normal-dry skin, so when faced with cold winds like my recent visit to Korea, a moisturizer will keep your skin from flaking on you and ensure a pretty complexion, especially with all the photos you will be in.


4. Travel Adapters

Even if you remember to pack all your gadgets’ chargers with you, you will find yourself panicking with near-empty batteries if you forget to bring an adapter. Lucky for you, most hotels lend these adapters for free, although some will lease them to you for a fee. But based from my personal experience, especially when traveling with a big tour group, their stock of adapters may not be enough for all of you. To be on the safe side and avoid having to beg knock on neighboring rooms to borrow, remember to bring a universal adapter with you.


5. Photocopies of your Passport/s

Ever heard about those horror stories of people getting pick-pocketed or having them bag stolen? Well, it happens more often than you think. During my trip to Europe, I misplaced my passport and panicked when I couldn’t find it. I tell you, after that close call, I always remember to photocopy my passport and stash the doppleganger in my luggage. That way, if my carry-on or purse somehow gets lost or stolen, I have another copy of my identity.


If I could give one more advice to travel aficionados? It would be to be vigilant.

Whether in taking care of your skin or your wallet, remember to take extra caution. Thieves and pickpockets knowingly target tourists because they know that we bring a lot of cash for shopping and other expenses and are usually preoccupied with taking photos or absorbing our new surroundings. This safety reminder is for you to keep your trip memorable for all the right reasons.


Now that you’ve got my 5 travel essentials and some advice, go ahead and book that ticket! Take that trip you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll find that immersing yourself in different culture, seeing the wonders of the world upclose, and experiencing something new for the first time will make you realize how much more the world has to offer.



The Belated Bloomer

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