All White


top Forever 21 | white slacks gifted from Mom | nude wedges Celine | tube H&M | necklace  Blessed Online Shop | watch Fossil | lipstick Maybeline Orange Matte

To be honest, never liked wearing white. It is far from the colors I am comfortable dealing with because feels like it is the most unfitting shade for a plus size or the most common of all, you’d spend the entire time being extra vigilant for stains or dirt. And wearing it from head to toe might just be twice the headache. But why not give it a try, it is not something deadly. So the closet rummage began and viola here’s what I came up with a few realizations that, white hues work well with gold and nude colors. These two lifts the richness of the white shade without looking exactly like a nun.


Somehow wearing this reminded me what’s like walking along the Panamanian cobbled street, a lady sipping coffee on Sunset Blvd or a woman strutting in the plains of the Saharan desert. Simple, unadulterated, breezy and carefree. Though it still didn’t change the fact that this outfit got me really dirt conscious, but at least it got me one step knowing that wearing white can be really fun. I mean why would P Diddy use a White Party if it is not fun right? 🙂

Today is the premiere of The Pinay Curvies Swag link-up challenge, head over to this link or click the badge on the right nav bar to see more curvy Filipino women share their take on this trend.


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