Crop and Chop

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top Betty | colored jeans & bangle Forever 21| flats Liberty | necklace Blessed Online Shop

Months ago I had this odd looking umu-ombre kuno hair going. But before any hair stylist would instantly faint out from seeing that hair let me just say this is just DMZ, demarcation zone on a dying hair. Oh yes my friends I was no exception. I have been dead lazy on heading to a nearest salon because 1. I can bun my hair high enough so no one will ever notice  and 2. just flaunt them without any care in the world. Well until my dear husband laughed at my excuse and then complained that it looked unforgivably silly.

So I had dyed my hair back to being nearly black now and finally moved towards the extreme of chopping the hair too! Big step! So hope you’d give me this moment to reminisce, this was the last day I had my hair in this lengthy size. Btw, the semi-crop top is from Betty which I bought at the girl’s teen wear section at MOA who knew I could fit in their size??

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