GUEST POST: Bea Bajar on A Plus Size Girl’s Everyday Mantra

Hello, beautiful people!

I’m Bea, owner and writer of Every Size is Beautiful blog ( My heart’s actually erratic while writing this piece because it’s my first time to write as a guest blogger. Honestly when Mitch asked me to be her guest blogger, my eyes bulged and for the first time I didn’t know how to reply to her e-mail. I am speechless too for like, a minute or so, since I’m not so sure I could do a piece that would make her readers happy, plus given my review schedule, my daily routine’s actually a mess right now.  Thankfully, Mitch is understanding and kind enough to consider my concerns

Anyway, when I finally hit the reply button to Mitch’s e-mail, my thinking capacity went double time to address a specific subject that is both dear to me and Mitch. We were thinking something related to beauty since I’m into product reviews, but I realized this is the perfect time to lift up Mitch’s and my blog’s advocacy, which is Beautiful at any size.  It’s been a while since I posted something inspiring about women’s beauty at any size because I rarely post OOTD’s right now. So analyzing that thought, I was thinking, “Hmmm. This would work!”

So, enough of my endless chatter, let’s go to the main event. I’ve decided to share with you ladies (and gents) regardless of size, age and race, my mantra to feel gorgeous and stunning everyday – with a dress size of 12, of course!

1.)  I surround myself with people I love the most, and love me back, unconditionally.

For that statement, I meant every word. People around you are your best support system, so be sure that they give you inspiration and motivation for your goals in life.  People won’t stop talking, yes. Whether in front of you or behind your back, we’ll never know. But if you’ll learn to choose which kind of criticisms and words of encouragement you’ll just listen to, then I’m sure your insecurities would dissipate one by one. It’s not that it’s bad to hear destructive comments, because you’ll be hearing lots and lots of it every single day. The bad thing is that sometimes, we let destructive criticisms get into our system, so the tendency would be to aspire something or someone we are not. Remember, in order for others to appreciate your whole being, you must learn to accept and love yourself first.

2.) I read everything that catches my eye.

It’s an old saying to make reading a habit, but seriously, who really makes reading a habit? Only few people right? So what are the benefits of reading? It makes me feel that I’m informed and full of insight.  In a world where change is constant, fashion and beauty were quickly replaced by intellect and wit. By reading, I feel less inferior in a roomful of skinny girls or long legs because I know that I have an advantage, or I could at least cope up with what they are talking about, from the latest fashion trends, to the situation of the stock market,  down to the most scandalous celebrity gossip.

It’s fun actually, when people start noticing me because I started a conversation rather than noticing me because of what I wear. I’ve experienced both as of now, and so far, I’d choose option number 1 over and over again.

3.) Choose your signature scent.
Whether it’s a trusty baby cologne or a celebrity parfum, it’s up to you. I’ve included this on my mantra ever since high school because I’ve always wanted to prove that being curvy won’t affect one’s smell. I remember back then when I saw curvy women and they have radiant skin and fragrant smell, I would be very inspired and feel motivated to love my body even more.

4.) Always smile and wear your handy lippie!
If you’re going to head on my blog right now, you’ll notice how I adore lipsticks. I don’t really know why but I always wear something on my lips. It goes well while smiling too! Whenever I smile, I feel positive energies oozing my senses. It’s also a reminder that everything’s going to be alright and there would be no hindrances that I won’t be able to overcome to achieve my goals

5.) Don’t forego your nails
Now this would be my final advice, don’t ever forego your nails. Personally, I feel sexier whenever my nails are done. Cut it short, keep it clean –  to long, painted, with nail-art, whichever you prefer, as long as don’t underestimate the power of good looking nails. If you’re not fond of painting it, then don’t. If you love painting it, on the other hand (like me) then make sure to remove it once it chipped, or 1 week tops. Some nail polishes when used for a longer period of time, tend to make your nails yellow.

So that’s it! These steps / guidelines are my everyday mantra to keep my self confidence and happiness intact. Remember, always be yourself and do what makes you feel comfortable. Yes, you can choose YOLO, pretend to be someone else, desire things you won’t be able to get or people you won’t be similar to, but at the end of the day, it’s still your love for your body and personality that counts.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my first ever guest blog post! I hope this won’t be the last, though and I also hope to see you on my blog too!

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Disclosure: This post is fully written by Bea Bajar, a young and proud Filipina blogger regardless of any factor of societal stereotypes. She’s on the look out for the best products and solutions to every fashion and beauty crisis. You can connect with Bea through her personal blog or send a direct message via this link.


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