House Mood Board For Small Spaces

It’s no secret that I love the arts of interior designing, I’m one of those people who’d love to be left alone in any home/furniture shops and enjoys rest of the time just being there. Matter of fact I even considered Interior Design as a degree back in college. Not until I got accepted and thought of ummmengineering instead? The first project I did is back when I had my own room at age 13 and I never hesitated to paint it in stripes, remembered it too well it was navy-blue on sky-blue stripes. And until now even the paint is starting to peel off, mum never had it re-painted or renovated at all. It was my first nook, my first joys of designing.


Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

And now that Jeff and I have an upcoming project, we’re literally excited like little kids in Disneyland. For months now I’ve been  hoarding every piece of home related magazines and totally obsessed with awesome home styling sites like Apartment Therapy and HG TV. Jeff on the other hand, goes insane on floor and wall tiles when we would have our little trips at any builders depot. We just can’t wait to get our hands and wack our brains with challenges – yes it is quite a challenge especially if it means making all things work in small spaces.

Below are some of the artsy ideas I got over Apartment Therapy and HG TV, I was about to pin them up however my account in Pinterest is not working that I have to check it directly with their support. Anyway, do you like designing your space too? Do you know other awesome home styling site that you can recommend?

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