Hippy Vintage

Hippy Vintage 1

sleeveless & flower print shorts Bridget’s Closet | sandals Celine | bag Taobao | earring Forever 21

If there will be summer festivals here just like Coachella then this would be my outfit version of it. Comfy, free-spirited and flowy. And you should know by now that I’m not shy donning flower-power prints, but this is the first time I wore it in shorts. Got this lovely piece in a nearest mall, aside that it was cheap the fit was as if someone tailored it for me.

Don’t you just love those moments? I mean, I did spare the ate saleslady time on hauling different sizes for this but sometimes I feel so guilty especially when I end up not buying an item mainly because of size and fit issues. Anyway back to the outfit, I added a peachy flowy bib neck top to highlight a girly-girl effect kuno and to neutralize the boldness from below. This is a fun, simple, no-brainer way to glam up with floral prints for casual summer dates and honestly this look somehow made me feel young again… chos! Well those who were born in the early 80’s you’d know what I mean. 🙂

Hippy Vintage 5

Hippy Vintage 6

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