Hair Dilemmas

Ever since 2013 kicked in I have been itching to re-vamp my hair. Aside from the fact that the dark mahogany shade is fading horribly and my hair has grown very very dry, I have recently felt that my crowning glory has been pure boring. Don’t get me wrong I love my curls, in fact I never got it rebonded or straighten, its all pure natural and I like to keep it that way. This is what my hair looks now, the photos were from a recent trip we had in Albay.

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Perhaps, I need to cut it which is perfect for summer right or just retain the length and entirely change the color no? Oh I can’t decide! So what do you think, should I keep it long?

Or short, fun and carefree? But wait, what hair color then?

Photo Credits : Google


5 thoughts on “Hair Dilemmas

  1. I’m cutting all mine off this week! I say cut it. Curly and short is sexy and waaaay less maintenance (which is the main reason Im going short myself).

        1. Not yet, but already got a hair appointment on the 9th. So wish me luck!

          Btw, how’s having your hair short? Is it really easier to maintain?

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