Parque Espana Manila

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My family and I have been in this hotel several times now. Way back 2010 when I had this place as my prep venue for our wedding. Now 3 years have passed and resulting from a stay we had last February 2013, here’s my take on one of the pioneer hotels in Alabang.

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Location: Like any hotels in the Alabang business district, Parque Espana boasts right in the heart and along the main road of Commerce Avenue. Opposite to its rival Acacia Hotel, this hotel is a walk away to go-to deli like Yellow Cab, Army Navy, South Supermarket, banks and recreational institute like Bikram Yoga, a golf range, Festival Supermall and Alabang Town Center. Location is good for those who will check-in with private cars, however transportation like jeepneys and cabs are hard to reach. Although the hotel has a shuttle that would take you anywhere Alabang.

Ambiance: This hotel differs from most of the its neighboring rival because it appeals more as a Condotel (condo-hotel, residential hotel) rather a leisure or luxury type. It has a no fuzz lobby decorated with several chic chairs and upon entering you’ll be greeted by the front desk. There’s no grand elevator, parking is a bit crowded on fully-booked days but what I truly loved is the cozy, laid-back, Mediterranean style roof top that housed swimming pool and a a view deck which you can entirely see the Alabang skyline.


Service: Front desk team looked nice but lacks the smile game, hotel crew well they greet and extends help with the baggage too. However one thing that pissed me off last February is still genuinely lack of customer service. It seems that they don’t care with requests from guest and these were not silly requests. We asked for an electric fan twice in the evening and asked again in early morning (same with my sister the bride’s room) but it never have gotten to us. The mannequin stand and wifi password took a very long time for them to hand over as it seems that the guy in front desk during night time is inattentive and so slow in answering the phone, it took more than 10-15 rings. My goodness! Normally I don’t directly rant on my reviews (read other reviews here so you’d know) but sorry I was really disappointed that time.


Rooms: We had the family suite of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, maid’s quarter and spacious dining and living room with a small balcony. The only thing that I don’t like that there were rooms that has slow-powered air-conditioner but the bathrooms were still nice although not as luxurious compare to others. The kitchen is the primary reason why we’ll always choose this hotel, its not extravagantly looking but it is spacious, it has a microwave and a big fridge so it means we could stock piles of cooked food. The living room is spacious too so it’s perfect for makeup prepping and other activities.

Sleep Quality: Bed is okay, they’re soft and with clean sheets but it is not something I’d rave for.

Value for Money: No doubt Parque Espana is the cheapest among all the hotels in Alabang, for at least 3 rooms and a spacious abode, it is roughly around 7k. So if you are looking for an affordable night you may opt to stay in this hotel.

5309 East Asia Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Phone Number: 850-5847


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from the author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

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