Crimson Hotel Manila

Crimson Hotel Manila

As a  rising icon of the Alabang skyline one could not say no to this. Check out our New Year’s Day staycation review.

Location: I could not stress how much easier to spot this hotel along South Luzon Expressway. All blue-white facade with big red name bearing signage on top are a few key notes to remember.  The hotel is near to everything; two (Alabang and Filinvest) tollgate exits,  Festival mall and Asian hospital are minutes walk,  and series of bus / jeep (South Station, Alabang Junction and Metropolis) terminals that would take you anywhere south. Best part 711 is just right  in the corner for last minute shop.

Ambiance: If I could sum up Crimson’s atmosphere in one word it would be all POSH. Just look at those Capiz shells in the ceiling, over the top modernist golden mini trees that sparkle and pillar of fountains in the lobby. Bright, sophisticated, romantic meets modern vibe. Of course I could not resist to sit test the bright orange and yellow sofas; for some point I almost fell asleep there as it was uber comfortable.

Service: They’re polite, greet you with a smile, nod and closed-fist placed in their heart which I’m not sure if its a new trend now as this hotel is the 3rd place I experienced such gesture. I felt the warmness and hospitality since the day I confirmed my reservation with them (the reservation manager was kind to talk to me personally) down to the day we checked-in and checked-out.


Rooms: Previously booked a deluxe room, however since we got caught with the “new year” breeze, hubby and I decided to splurge a bit. So we upgraded to a Premier Room and was placed at 11F, room 1110 facing to Festival mall. What I raved about this hotel is the bed, it was huge (king-size) and so soft! It reminded me of the room we had at Taal Vista, the sheets were white, crisp and so bango. They have this vintage cabinet that has a nice set of cordless electrical thermos. So nice and chic. My husband knows too well that I immediately get swept away with a hotel who’s very generous with pillows and over the top bathroom. With Crimson, I was totally blown away with their bathroom. Seriously I screamed! It was big, so bright, so clean and everything was so white! Imagine white marble flooring and up to the walls! I love, love, love that they placed an extending vanity mirror it is so useful and the small wall lights was a very posh touch too. Though it seems like a heaven to me there are still some disappointing parts: I expected there’ll be a bath tub (granting its premier room), but unfortunately only the shower was there. There was no significant view in our window, though they placed a nice chair and built-in wooden window seat you can hardly appreciate it since all you could see is the hotel’s twin building and ample view of the opposite mall. That time the pool deck was still in the works so basically staying up in the room and watching tv were the only thing you can do inside the hotel. Also, I’am amazed on how many phones are there inside the room 1 bedside, 1 in the desk and 1 in the bathroom, however looking all over the desk I could not find one important necessity, a vacant power outlet to charge my laptop. All of the slots were occupied by the cable box, dvd and flat screen tv. Although wifi was really good, fast and we didn’t experience any intermittent connections during our stay.


Sleep Quality: Sleeping quality here is genuinely the best. The floor we were placed in was quiet, though there were several guests too I could not hear the noise even in the hallway. I think most of the rooms are soundproof. Also noticed that there are security guys assigned in each floor making rounds and staying near the elevator, which I think is good at least they’re making an effort to ensure everyone’s safety.

Value for Money: Premier rooms are not cheap, their publish rate goes 7k without tax good thing I purchased our accommodation at a group buying site and only added a thousand more for the room upgrade. If it is a special day and you got the money to burn then try and check this out, it is a new hotel with chic and new amenities so it may not sound a bad idea after all.

Entrata Urban Complex, 2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781, Philippines
Tel. No.: (+63 2) 863-2222                 Email:


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from the author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

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