Paint Me Up


floral top & coral pants F21 | nude leather patent heels VNC | pearl earrings What Women Wants | lipstick Maybeline

The moment I laid eyes on this candy-colored coral carrot pants I knew I gotta have it, so two minutes after walking in I found myself again in the fitting room. Sorry if I sounded a bit of manic-obsessive shopper, but I mean would you roll-out your eyes from these floral top and luscious sweet bottoms. Well I tried to, but it was so hard to resist especially if they had it in my size. Very seldom that a bottom like this fits on me well at first try, so when it does sister surely grab it like crazy. And besides it is in coral – definitely pass as one happy color when you strut it down your office aisles. Enough reason why I bought it.

Lipstick is one of the new colors I got last Christmas from Watson’s counter, it’s Maybeline in bad-ass oxblood hue The Red Garnet



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