Pinay Curvies Swap Meet and Greet

Pinay Curvies 01.20.2013

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed already the massive photos oozing with plus-size goodness. Yes those sweet, charming irresistible faces are officially the Pinay Curvies.

Successfully convened last 01.20.2013 and clad with tons of fabulous items, ladies definitely had the time of their lives. Personally I super love the idea of having an event like this, as it came up to be the very first gathering among fellow curvy Filipinas. Oh did I say that everyone went gaga with the swapping thing? I’m sooo guilty! I pledged 6 items all being swapped (yeyy!) but went home having more. It was a frugal mega exhilarating way to shop, seriously! But beyond that I had the most treasured moment, sharing stories and laughs with a pool of confident plus size women who are just sooo fabulously happy being themselves. So on for the next swap meet – sure can’t wait! 🙂

Of course doing what we all do best, posing!

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5 thoughts on “Pinay Curvies Swap Meet and Greet

  1. Love it! I’m so impressed how colorful we appeared in the photos! We’ll do this again talaga! ❤

    Mare, quick spell check. It's Tracee Alarvs Tracy Alajar. Bwahaha!

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