The Fatkini Post

Because my nose has battled the worst colds ever in human anatomy plus I’m not in my best mood to do anything right now, I promise to make this post short.


So, hello there Ms. Fattie

One thing that I greatly learned through the years in my blog are the words – body and love. With these I get to appreciate life even more. It made me embrace an ideology that a woman of my size should never allow negative thoughts to stop me from doing anything or wearing clothes (even swimsuits) that I love. So I’m glad that Jeff and I took our first out-of-town vacay last November because I had the opportunity to wear, get truly comfortable and be proud with my curves.


bandeau Debenhams | straw hat Peddlers at Boracay

Now to further expound on matters of body-love I invite you to join Extra Seksi’s giveaway contest, not only you’ll make the plus-size community smiling back – you’ll get the chance to win a fabulous prize. Hugs and more of body love!


7 thoughts on “The Fatkini Post

  1. ANG TARUSH! Ahlaveet! Isa itong pasabog! Biglang nag-init dito sa igloo este opisina namin! Bravo, mare, bravo! Mooore!

    Super thanks for plugging, too! I owe you one. ❤

  2. Oh hello there Mitch. Thanks for visiting my blog site! 🙂 I hope you can find a bigger size of my pants, I just bought it last month. Btw, I’m a big girl too, my weight is like a yo-yo ever since. But I hope I can pose like this on the upcoming summer season. I don’t have the guts! I’m dreaming of wearing 2 piece though. I love your monokini and the hattttt. Fab!! ❤

    xx Diana

    1. Hi Diane, I always think that we (big girls) give more form and grace to a clothing kaya shy away and flaunt your curves. Visited F21 MOA last weekend and sadly can’t find the pants in my size. Hey thank you for dropping by, appreciate it a lot.

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