Hello 2013!


photo credit : HDW

Haven’t been online for a while, well we all know the festivities that came up from last month. All those crazy nights both solemn and wild, the exciting holiday family trips, countless luscious buffet party treats that induced more “holiday fat”, and all the wonderful gifts unpacked – who would not want to get busy with that, ei?

Jeff and I, both felt that 2012 was a blessed year. Though we got back here from China with lots of inhibitions especially for me because it meant two things turning down a good offer with Oracle and go jobless that time and of course find a new house which means bigger financial adjustments – just to sum it all up everything was unplanned.  If you personally know me back then, you can easily trace it to my face that I was sincerely unhappy, I could cry instantly after every “how are you and welcome back” – it’s just the sudden changes without a solid definite plan that cracks me up big time like mountains of glacier melting. Jeff knows how much I cried, whine and even pick up petty fights with him just to get his attention and say hey “your decision sucks!”.

But you know God is truly a generous, loving God that everything that we prayed and hoped for happened with all of His blessings. And it’s funny that every time I went to church last year – most of the pastor’s message is based on comfort and forging ahead. As if every Sunday message was prepared just for me, and one thing I realized then that it was truly God’s plan for us to be back here I was just stubborn to not know because I am mainly concerned on the things I lost.

So imagine our blessings from last year: just after 15 days of being back here we were able to rent a nice 2-storey apartment way below our forecasted budget, got easily accepted for a job last February with the coolest people I ever knew, we were able to buy our very first house last May in the elusive Daang Hari-Alabang area, able to get our adopted baby car painted over 12 years to date, went on uber fun trips with Jeff and the rest of my family and of course met a wonderful person that identical shares my obsession and advocacy, together we built a community of size loving people, Pinay Curvies.

Now who would have thought life turned really pretty last 2012  for a doubtful person like me, so I’m pretty sure this year will be  more exciting, fun with all grandeur of God’s grace. So to officially open this year’s post let me leave you an inspiring verse from the bible that I always hold on to,

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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