Pink and Pinstripes


pink tank top and skinny jeans F21 | pinstripe vest Mossimo | flats Taobao | accessories Blessed Online Shop

It is one of those I-dont-care-what-you-think looks, trying yet again another manly piece and just making it work.

Did the boyfriend blazer and checkered polo before, now I am in a least expected piece that has been hanging in my glorious closet for the longest time. For a little bit of history, got this vest from one of my favorite plus-size sellers Kai Plus over 3 years ago and I didn’t think not a single heartbeat that it would still fit me. So imagine how happy I was! Just a funny thing, it was not the fit that got me worried that time,  it was simply finding the pieces that will somehow jive without looking way too formal and ahem old. So thanks to the ever trusted ultimate casual trio – tank top, skinnies and flat. I was able to turn the vest into an acceptable generation look, and with some black-gold blings must say I feel I am in the most comfortable outfit ever.



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