Sad to Fab : No Make Up

There are days that I feel really really lazy accompanied the urge to be bare – in a way, no trace of make-up at all. It may be outrageous to some as every blush, eye shadows and lipsticks seemed to be a staple of every girls’ confidence.  But how would you turn the tides and just make things fabulous sans your favorite make-up? Here’s how.

Find pieces that can be your statement – a necklace, earrings, stacks of bracelets or wear them all. The rule is simple the bigger the better  as you need to divert attention from the face.


Strut in a striking color that matches well. It is not hard to notice a person walking in evident colors, with metallic shades it sure will make a fabulous mark on your clothing personality.


Wear the unusual. Wide leg pants, animal-print bag, high bun and very high heels; anything catchy will do the trick.


black tube H&M | wide leg pants Erzullie | necklace Blessed Online Shop | earrings bracelets heels Taobao | bag Secosana

Erzullie is a Philippine plus-size friendly brand created and designed by real curvy women Aries de Guzman and Berna Cuevas. I mentioned them here before because I personally like their style. And to make things clear I was not paid to do this post nor got any form of sponsorship. This post solely represents my own, honest ideas.

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12 thoughts on “Sad to Fab : No Make Up

  1. i love this outfit, and it is a great distraction from the make up, you paried it up so well! my eyes where on the necklace and the pants the whole time! love it 🙂 But you have a beautful face even without the make up! so why the distractions!? 😀


  2. Ang bongga nga ng background! I laud the photographer, too!

    I love wearing loose pants in the beach, but I haven’t really tried it in the workplace. Once pala, I wore an ethnic tokong and they immediately dubbed me as Grace Nono. I love that pair, sayang lang kasi di na kasya sa akin ngayon.

    Anyway, kebs kung walang make-up! Haha! Love the look, mare!

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