Liebster Blog Survey

With the Liebster Blog Award comes 11 questions, and the duty to pass on the award to blogs with a relatively small following.

Thank you to my dear blogger friend Iggy of Plus Size Fasyon Mudra for looping me in this fun, super amazing exciting survey. Also it is a perfect way to share some personal stuffs about myself to my readers,  (if there’s any out there) so here it goes:

  • It’s been a long, tiring, draining, I-just-want-to-cry kind of day. What do you do for comfort?

Each time I am in a near death tiring day I always try finding comfort by window shopping – may it be online or right in a nearest boutique. I don’t know why but it sure feels like that good buys and steals tend to be a true redemption from a bad / long day.

  • Name one crush that usually makes your loved ones go “Really? That guy? You like him? You sure?”

Surely every woman my age or younger than me, would still cry out to matinee idols,  K-pop stars / actors (ahem Lee Min Ho), but my taste seriously tends to circumvent the usual pretty boy looks. Yes I admire some boy next door aura too but what turns me on are men like Albert Martinez – mysterious eyes, mature, deep looking personality, slightly moreno are some that I find extra manly. That explains answer no. 4 too. 🙂

  • If you could be dressed by just one designer/brand, who/what would it be and why?


Oh this is hard, I love and liked many brands as well as designers too. This had me thinking really hard.. But okay since I never had that perfect “it” most loved white dresses back when I wed hubby, it would be Vera Wang. Mother of all wedding dresses, her designs are an epitome of every bride – pure, classic, elegant and stunning lovely. I remember falling asleep, highly mesmerized dreaming in her designs.

  • One movie you will never ever be tired of seeing:

P.S. I Love You – generally its Gerard Butler’s (Gerry) adorable Scottish eyes and oozing physique when he strip danced to movie wife Hillary Swank (Holly). It is a story that every couple can relate to; the usual fights, kiss and make-ups, sweet little things and staying madly deeply in-love no matter what.

You made me a man by loving me , Holly, and for that I am eternally grateful… literally. If you can promise me anything, promise me that whenever you are sad or unsure, or you lose complete faith.. Then you’ll try and see yourself through my eyes.Gerry

Boom! How can you not cry??

  • Last five songs you’ve listened to:

Run the World, If I Were A Boy, Upgrade You, Halo, Irreplaceable – I’m just a big Beyonce fan. 🙂

  • Trend you will never ever ever in a million years try:

Rave outfits, just don’t see myself wearing all neon clothing.

  • Complete the sentence: “People will be surprised to learn of my obsessive knowledge about _____”

Online shops. Even back in China days, 90% of my stuffs came from online shops – even if the site has no English translation.

  • Do you have a life peg — a successful person who’s achieved much through ways you generally approve of? Who is it, and why?

In a world where we experience countless of daily frustrations, heartaches and sometimes face problems bigger than life, it is still an overflowing joy and quite moving to hear someone speak full of life positivity and motivates people to forge forward with words of God. This is what I see in the life of Joel Osteen an inspirational speaker, author and senior pastor of Lakewood Church Texas.

  • How has blogging changed for you from when you first started?

Actually started this blog to tell stories about me and my family’s frequent travels. But little did I know as the years gone by it broaden to categories of self-acceptance and positivity of a plus size Filipina in the world and love for fashion. It was just fitting because I had dealt numerous of personal issues too in the past on being continuously large but thanks to blogging, I get to remind myself that fashion  has no rules. It is our identity, keeping things real that makes fashion alive.

  • What’s one legacy you hope to be remembered for, 30 years from now?

A woman who openly embraced her curves.

  • Number one frustration:

Cute clothes / brands with no + sizes.

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And on to the questions:

1. Funniest moment you ever had.

2. Latest item that falls to your splurge vs. steal list.

3. What is your life’s mantra?

4. A gift you least want to receive this Christmas.

5. What, where is your ultimate travel destination and why?

6. Say something about the most favorite piece in your closet, if you don’t mind taking a picture of it too.

7.  If you can best describe yourself as a song, what would that be? Why?

8.  Greatest challenge ever faced and how did you overcome?

9.  Blonde, brunette or red hair – why?

10. A genie appears and can only grant you one wish – what will it be?

11.  Do you ever have haters in your blog(s), if so how do you handle them?

Thanks again Iggy for this opportunity.

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