Sorry for the long hiatus, I have been offline for a while due to lots of things that happened in the past week.


Lately, the work that I like dearly is taking most of my time. I just attended a very insightful 1-day conference; so awesome and geeky that made me in awe about things we can do with the technology we have today. Aside from that, I had the opportunity to meet again an old colleague back HP days, the  food was great too. Must love hotel’s brewed coffee they’re just spotless delicious. I think most of the people had fun because we were generously fed.

But in spite of all work here and there, happy to say that hubby and I will be taking a break, relax and  enjoy some quality time together in a lovely paradise. To date, this will be our first trip since we got back here in the Philippines – super excited! Can you guess where?

Dad just celebrated his birthday, 2 years from now he’ll be in a pool of officially senior folks which I think he slightly has a love – hate relationship with his age. Love because he’ll soon retire, find time to relax and of course do stuff that he wasn’t able to do before; I think that includes preparing to be a grandparent, hehe. Hate, maybe because his age and couple of visible gray hairs keep on reminding us (not him, note he denies being physically and facially old) that he’s getting old. Honestly, I always worry about the thought that soon my parents will get physically frail – but God is gracious that both of them are well and healthy for their age. For years now Mom was able to kick, fight back diabetes and Dad still normal according  to series of cardio tests. I’am just glad that once family of 5 is now getting bigger and bigger.

Sister is now on the run of having everything done for her big day, so things are going a little crazy busy because hubby to be is now back in town. They just finished their pre-nup video which we are totally excited for. But you gotta praise her for making a really nice save-the-date cards. I was blown-away on how genuinely creative she was and pulling things in spite that she has a seriously hectic schedule too (btw, she’s an engineer by profession). So ladies, gents and bride-to-be, hire her if you are looking for someone who can design your invites. She’s really good!

At last, Hubby and I made our nest Christmas friendly. We had just decorated a week ago, some parts are still in progress. All made with love and we couldn’t be more happier celebrating this season with style.

Lastly, Lorndhal a dear curvy blogger friend and I are cooking up some lovely and bright ideas together. Though most of it is still in wraps, I am still very happy that we accomplished our first task together – having a name. What name and for what? Well it is something that you have to stay tuned in. And I am overjoyed that she agreed to guest post here in the next days.  She’s a great writer and one of the smartest women I ever met. So it is definitely something to really look forward, as she shares some of her thoughts and passion about being curvy. Thank you so much Lorns! Oh don’t forget to vote for her too, help make a curvy woman win!


3 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Wow, you’re one busy lady! Wala pala akong K mag-complain for how busy I am. Haha!

    I’m so happy for you, mare. Boracay! Woot woot! And I’m so thrilled for Mia, too! Can’t wait to see the photos and videos and all.

    Awww. Thanks for campaigning for me. I feel this campaign is taking much of my time din, na-di-distract ako sa pet project natin. But we’ll be back on track. Curvy Blog Award muna, then Coron, then Coron hang-over. Haha!

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