Oxblood + Gray

gray suit Kingsmen | oxblood long sleeve Wall Street | sneakers Converse

So you think only girls can be spot stylish… you‘re so dead wrong.

A couple weeks back, I together with hubby got invited to my dear office mate’s lovely fairy tale wedding at Marriott Hotel Resort’s World Pasay City. This is our 3rd time to attend a wedding as a married couple, first time in a classy hotel so you got to understand why hubby was kinda in the mood of leveling up the dressing game. To tell you frankly he doesn’t own lots of suits and through the years of being married to him he has managed only to keep one tan suit in the closet, the one he wore on our wedding day

Unbelievable? So what’s his style then? I think I married a slightly imeldific man.

Isn’t it obvious from these pictures? He has fantastic taste with kicks actually he’s more of my go-to guy, my stamp approver when I buy my shoes too. So I was extremely happy to do something back to him, well there was totally no you-should-wear-only-gray-suit-or-else scenario here. He picked all the colors, the cut, length and even that bold lapel style of his coat. I was just there to do what I do best – to comment out. And viola here’s what he came up, such with natural swag. Uncle Barney would be so damn proud.

Oh boy, I get this feeling that this blog will go permanently co-ed soon.


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