The Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Last October 26, 2012 9:30 PM at SMX Convention Hall Pasay, I had the chance to witness one of the most exciting, jaw-dropping shows of Filipino designers every invented; to showcase their art, creativity and highest ingenuity.

I won the hopeful tickets out from registering to the Phil Fashion Week site and one of the slots allotted to me was the Luxewear Collection. Of course, I couldn’t be more happier, literally I jumped for joy when I knew the show will present works of talented 15 designers here in the Philippines. I wouldn’t want to miss it even it meant going there alone. So sayang because my dear friend Extra Seksi was on a different show. Anyway, here’s my top 3 pick of the entire show.

  • Veejay Floresca, the name is not new to me, I almost opted to have him when I got married more than 2 years ago. His collection is what I adored most. He not only used my favorite colors (shades of black and gray) but his pieces are ingeniously simple that showed edginess yet glamorously looking, minimalistic but stunningly gorgeous.  Who can forget the knee-tuxedo vest or the pencil skirt with a thigh-high slit match with cropped waist sleeves.

  • John Paras, his collection is not hard to love. Playing on white and everything that glitters; his collection surely made every woman feel ethereal and precious. Remember the glittery gold gown? So gorge right, make you feel million bucks?

  • Popoy Barba & Roel Rosal, oh boy these two designers made known to everyone what summer is all about. They showcase their collections back to back in full color.  It’s hard not to get giddy and all excited because the pieces looked really really cool and so fashion forward. From Rosal’s eye-catching seriously oversized earrings and Barba’s medieval armor like shoulder concepts, both brought fun to my flamboyant and weird-like sense of style heart.

More photos of clothes from other designer collections. Overall it was truly an awesome show. It left me so inspired, overjoyed and deeply felt that Filipino designers are worth to be proud of.

Did you attend Philippine Fashion Week? Who’s your favorite  designer?



5 thoughts on “The Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. I see you got to take nice photos, too. I’m envious! Haha! Wow, I love the parade of colors right there. Sana talaga we got to watch twogether. Oh, well.

    1. Thank you but I think compare to those seated in front of me (btw, I’m on 3rd row, non-vip, ang layo) my photos are less appealing to them. Oo nga e sayang, i need to accompany hubby and be his stylist for a night kasi he’s having suit dilemmas. Anyway, next year let’s seat together! 🙂

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