Denim + Leopard

denim shirt Caren Sport | leggings Ladies Circle | white tank top SM Basics | bag Secosana | flats Liberty | accessories Taobao

For most people, Monday is business in a sleek black suit or an outlandish pinstripe pencil outfit paired with killer stilettos (thinking of Miranda Preistly?). But try being me. My week starts on Tuesday, work extends to Saturday and Monday as a weekend. The good thing ย is I can do all week-base errands like going to the bank or see a doctor and it seems to run here-there in a supermarket floor is pretty convenient too.

Best of all, free from all corporate outfit thing. Just pure laid back, relax and comfortable look; slipping into a menswear inspired denim shirt.ย This was my Monday.


4 thoughts on “Denim + Leopard

  1. i love the denim shirt, i tore up half the town today looking for one. They don’t have them in plus sizes in vienna, i finally looked in the mens section in one of the stores. and they had it, and it a bigger size too! how rude not to make them in that size for women too…psh! anyway it looks great on you! ๐Ÿ™‚ love it with the leopard bag


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