Mixing with Oxblood

jeans and necklace Forever 21+ | sleeveless peplum Blanc et Noir | bag Secosana | pumps and earrings Tabao

Took awhile finding this gorgeous lace-y peplum top and the moment I saw it I knew I gotta have it. So imagine how happy I was, smiling ear to ear when it fitted me. The jean is the first colored bottoms I bought this year from Forever 21, super love love that place (who doesn’t?) they always have my size, which is beyond amazzzing! Items are truly lust worthy and some of the cheapest! Like this necklace which I had about 50% off. Well, fitting might not be easy breezy, but seriously they have the trendiest fitting rooms I’ve ever tried in.

This is my entry for the latest BDIB challenge and we’re channeling the hottest color ever this year. Yaaay! Can you guess? If you still need more clues then check out this link. Hope you like my outfit! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Mixing with Oxblood

  1. I’m kind of bummed I kind of missed out on the peplum trend. I feel it’s too late to buy a top, but whenever I see how flattering they are on others (yours looks fantastic) I regret not buying one too.

  2. The peplum top looks great on you and I love the colored denim! Peplum is one of those trends that is flattering on every body shape, and that’s one of the things I love most about it. I have got to get a pair of oxblood skinny jeans!


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