Sheer and Lace

Best thing about my work is having people who are more tolerant with one’s sense of style. I can go to the office in a plain simple top matching a chino or the usual black navy blue slacks even on flats with no questions asked about the brand or pressure on latest trends. It is totally like morphing in a pool of full pledge straight male that couldn’t care less what they look.

Then comes the time of going overboard – going beyond from the usual look without any apparent reason. No corporate occasions, no  special meetings – plainly just for the sake of glamming up and claiming the part that I need to wear a skirt to remind myself that I am still a woman. And the comments you’d ever hear? are “Wows and She has a date after work” punch lines.  Personally I find such reactions more gratifying rather than the usual stare and eye rolling. 

sheer top Kai Plus | lace skirt Bridget’s Closet | pumps Charles and Keith | bib necklace Butter’s Closet


4 thoughts on “Sheer and Lace

  1. Love this look, Mitch! And super relate ako. Buti nalang fasyonistas din ang teammates ko. Feeling nga namin minsan pinaguusapan kami. “Ayan nanaman sila, feeling nasa New York.” KEBER! Trip namin pumorma e, hahaha!

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